At The Sunroof Centre, there is nothing more important to us...

then professional service, complete with a quality finish. Specialising in car sunroofs, our team are skilled and trained to fit the perfect car sunroof tailored to your specifications and budget.

With Webasto Hollandia sunroofs you can enjoy the sense of space and freedom which only a sunroof can bring. With products ranging from the fully sliding, fully electronic Hollandia 700 models, to the manually adjusting Hollandia 100.

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In-Car Entertainment

The Sunroof Centre Melbourne are constantly evaluating...

The Sunroof Centre Melbourne are constantly evaluating and investing in changing technologies and trends in the industry, hence using advanced and developed products. We offer a wide range of superb high resolution LCD Screens, multimedia DVD players, Digital TV Tuners. With a multitude of in-car theatre accessories to consider, The Sunroof Centre can tailor a package to suit your specifications.

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With over 30 years' experience in the auto accessories and alarm industry...

With over 30 years' experience in the auto accessories and alarm industry, The Sunroof Centre is able to offer a completely customised security system to suit your requirements and budget. The Sunroof Centre services and repairs alarm systems for all major brands, and can install an alarm system for you, which is insurance approved and meets Australian Alarm Standards.

Most alarm systems installed at The Sunroof Centre come standard with an immobiliser, battery backup siren, impact sensor, central locking hook-up (optional), alarms cover the doors, bonnet, boot/hatch. However, often people are unfamiliar with the essential elements to look for and ask about when purchasing a system.

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Cruise Control

The Sunroof Centre Melbourne are constantly evaluating...

The Sunroof Centre is continuously concerned with the safety and wellbeing of all their clients. Safety and control are essential for today's driving conditions and speed limits, which is why we install Command Auto Group Cruise Controls.

Cruise control systems differ in terms of specifications and usage. The Sunroof Centre offer quality and reliable systems that are reputable and reliable. There are several factors to take into account when looking to install a cruise control system, all of which can be answered and recommended by the team at The Sunroof Centre.

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Satellite Navigation

In-Dash Navigation Units

In-Dash Navigation Units

Clarion NX501A

Clarion NX509A

HiTV HD4000

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Stereo Upgrades

Various vehicles require different speaker upgrade systems...

Various vehicles require different speaker upgrade systems, we have a range of speakers, amplifiers & subwoofers to cater for every enthusiast.

Speakers are tuned for maximum performance, whether powered from a head unit or an amplifier you'll get the sound you just gotta have.

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Reversing Systems

The Sunroof Centre, offer quality and durability and...

The Sunroof Centre, offer quality and durability and affordable pricing. While modern technology allows for reverse sensors to be implemented in various new vehicles, often it is convenient and increases the value of your car if you install a reverse camera and sensor system.

A quality "Rear View System" allows the driver to see what dangers are lurking behind their vehicles. The camera provides a clear, bright extra eye in your vehicles blind spot. The cameras have a wide angle for better coverage, colour LCD screens and are waterproof.

A Rear View Camera System not only makes working with a truck, bus, car or caravan easier, but it also greatly increases the overall safety of those around you.

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